Full Dentures – False Teeth

If for any reason you lose all or most of your teeth, full dentures may be a viable tooth replacement option for you.

Full dentures are eth teeth designed to fit in a dentureless mouth to help with routine lifestyle activities including chewing/eating and talking. Normally the loss of teeth tends to impair a person’s speech and wearing full dentures or so called false teeth can help correct that problem.

Each full denture is made up of two main parts: a gum part that rests on the existing natural gum and prosthetic teeth that replace the missing teeth. For replacing a complete arch of missing teeth, full dentures can be your most practical choice.

As a total replacement for teeth on the upper or lower jaw or both, full dentures are essentially made to look like natural teeth in all aspects. Though they are artificial teeth and cannot by any means feel exactly like natural teeth, full dentures can provide the most superior dental aesthetics and restore one’s ability to live a complete life by enabling them to enjoy food again.

Full dentures have been used by many people for decades to support the shape of their faces and avoid a sunken facial appearance. Full dentures exist in different types, namely:

Conventional dentures

These are regular full dentures. To acquire conventional full dentures, your dental prosthetist has your real teeth/tooth that requires being extracted at least 8 weeks in advance of him making the dentures. This time is necessary to allow your mouth tissues to heal from the extraction before the denture can be fit.

Immediate dentures

These are full dentures that are inserted immediately following the removal of your natural teeth, on the same day. They are temporary dentures that ensure you don’t go around toothless during the approximately 8 week healing period – while you await your full dentures.


Implant retained dentures can offer stability and support for anchoring removable dentures, either full or partial. The denture stays firmly in place while chewing and conversing, but can be easily removed for cleaning.

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