Direct Denture Care works in partnership with various health funds to ensure you have efficient payment processing for all your private health fund claims.

Our complete list of health fund partners include:

  • ACA Health
  • Australian Defence Force Family Health
  • AHM Health Insurance
  • Apia Health Insurance
  • Australian Unity Health Ltd
  • Budget
  • Bupa Australia
  • CBHS Health Fund Limited
  • CUA Health Limited
  • Defence Health Limited
  • Emergency Services Health
  • Frank Health insurance
  • GMF Health
  • GMHBA Limited
  • Grand United Health
  • HBF Health Fund
  • HCF
  • Health Care Insurance Ltd
  • Health Insurance Fund of Australia Ltd (HIF)
  • Health Partners
  • Health.com.au
  • La Trobe Health Services
  • Medibank Private Ltd
  • Mildura District Hospital Fund Ltd
  • National Health Benefits Australia Pty Ltd
  • Navy Health
  • NIB Health Funds Ltd
  • Nurses & Midwives Health
  • Peoplecare Health Insurance
  • Phoenix Health Fund Ltd
  • Police Health
  • Qantas Assure Health Insurance
  • Queensland Country Health Fund Ltd
  • Railway and Transport Health Fund Ltd
  • Reserve Bank Health Society
  • St Lukes
  • The Doctors’ Health Fund
  • Teachers Health Fund
  • Transport Health Pty Ltd
  • TUH
  • Uni Health
  • Westfund Ltd


Our cooperation with our main health fund partner HBF has however been the most instrumental in this program.

Western Australia’s largest health insurance provider HBF Health Fund is run primarily to benefit members. And being our client you can enjoy these benefits directly for instance by having your full dentures covered by this insurance plan. Your compensation will be based on the level of insurance cover you have chosen and how long you have been an HBF member.

HBF in WA (45% market share) issued letters to all their Preferred Providers terminating all the contracts. They have introduced a new Member Plus arrangement, which delivers more choice of Dental Prosthetists and better Preventative Dental benefits to their members.

They announced new changes that included a Preventative Care package at a set fee that is open to all dental practices. From the beginning of this year, Preventative Dental benefits will increase for everyone, which HBF feel is a fairer approach. The changes provide greater value to a larger share of the HBF member base. They have increased benefits on popular services such as dental, physiotherapy and chiropractic on some products.

The upside will be fully funded mouthguards limits on what a Member Plus Dental Prosthetist can charge for any preventative treatments.

HBF has made changes which include adjusting benefits and limits for some Extras services, introducing a new Member Plus Dental arrangement and removing benefits for some Natural Therapies. Only Extras cover is affected not hospital cover.
HBF said that in some cases the rebates could be lower than the current benefit but the new arrangement meant members could see how much they would get back for those services through a dollar amount.

You can get the same amount back when you claim regardless of whether you see a Member Plus or Non-Member Plus dentist or Dental Prosthetist.

The HBF is overhauling its dental coverage in a move that will result in a greater choice of dentists and more transparency in gap payments. They said that dentures will fall to a fixed dollar benefit rather that a percentage of a fee as a result of the move. HBF encourages healthy competition across the industry because there is no maximum set for what Dental Prosthetists charge.

You will know how much you will need to pay out of your own pocket for Preventative Dental services. ie. a free scale and clean for every member on your policy, check-ups, fluoride treatments or mouthguards.
There will be no limit on the number of Dental Prosthetists that can join the new scheme. A Member Plus Dental Prosthetist is a provider that has signed up to the HBF Member Plus Dental Arrangement from 1 January, 2019. A Non-Member Plus dentist you don’t get a free annual scale and clean and you won’t know your out-of-pockets on Preventative Dental.
To find out whether a Dental Prosthetist is a Member Plus provider you require to get on to the HBF website.


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