how partial dentures fit over your gum

How Do Dentures Fit Over Your Gums?

Partial dentures are a practical and popular solution for those who have lost one or more teeth but still have some natural teeth remaining. They not only restore the functionality...

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Eating With New Dentures

Tips for Eating With New Dentures

If you’re making your denture debut, chances are you’re still acclimatising to your new set of teeth. It doesn’t matter if you’re breaking in a baseball glove or adjusting to...

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A dentist holding a denture in hand

Can Denture Wearers Chew Gum Without the Risks?

Dentures are delicate dental appliances, and they can come with many recommendations regarding maintenance and what not to chew. Ideally, dentures will mimic natural teeth as best as possible, but...

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recommended denture cleaning tools

Denture-Cleaning Tablets: Everything You Need To Know

Dental care looks slightly different for denture wearers — no less because they swap traditional toothpaste and mouthwash for denture cleaner and tablets. Whether you have natural or artificial teeth,...

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Preserve the Quality & Appearance of Your Dentures

Dos & Don’ts To Follow To Preserve the Quality & Appearance of Your Dentures

If you wear dentures, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure they live a long and happy life. From mimicking the movement of natural teeth to giving you...

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how to choose best partial dentures

How To Choose the Best Partial Dentures for Your Needs & Budget

False teeth are not all-or-nothing. While many envision dentures in their full, traditional form, there actually are alternatives that accommodate those who’ve only lost some — and not all —...

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Removable Denture

Can Removable Dentures Meet Your Specific Needs & Preferences?

If you’re considering getting removable dentures, you’ve come to the right place. Direct Denture Care does all things dentures, from denture repairs to providing partial and full dentures in Perth....

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Denture Repair Perth

How To Find a Professional Dentist for Your Denture Repair?

While dentures are a great solution for compromised or missing teeth, they’re not indestructible and may require a denture repair service on occasion. When the cracks begin to show —...

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Denture Repair Perth

Finding the Right Denture Solution For You

Whether you’re seeking denture repairs or you’re new to the denture game, finding a denture solution that feels right for you is certainly easier said than done. You need to...

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Denture Relines Teeth

When to Consider Denture Relining: Signs, Solutions & Smile Enhancement?

If you wear dentures, they’re going to require an adjustment at some stage throughout their life. However meticulous your home dental routine is, it’s no match for the march of...

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