Can Denture Wearers Chew Gum Without the Risks?

Dentures are delicate dental appliances, and they can come with many recommendations regarding maintenance and what not to chew. Ideally, dentures will mimic natural teeth as best as possible, but that doesn’t change the fact that they don’t attach to your mouth. (Even implant-supported dentures latch onto titanium screws rather than your gums.) So, although denture wearers should avoid chewing hard, sticky or gummy textures, chewing gum can be an entirely different story. Here’s how you can chew gum without dislodging or wearing out your dentures!

Why Chewing Gum Isn’t As Big a Deal As You Think It Is

Today’s dentures and their technological advancements are a far cry from the ill-fitting originals of yesteryear. Nowadays, you can count on denture attachments and implant support to secure your dentures in place. If your set has either denture attachments (e.g. metal clasps, precision attachments or magnets — available for partial dentures only) or implant support, chances are you’ll fare fine with regular chewing gum. That said, that doesn’t mean you can’t be picky about your sticky, minty-fresh favourites. Think about the following when finding your favourite gum.

Find a Denture-Friendly Brand

When perusing all the labels of the gums you could be using, keep your eyes peeled for ‘non-stick certifications’ — in other words, assurances that the gum will not stick to dentures or prostheses. If the manufacturer has already toned down the stickiness, chances are they’ve toned down the colour of the gum to neutral, too. Remember: the more boring and neutral this nondescript shade, the less it will leave its mark on your artificial teeth. Some good brands that tick both these boxes are Oral7® Chewing Gum and Freedent (by Wrigley’s).

Neutral, Soft & Even

You want to keep your gum low-stick in a neutral colour — but what other features should you look for in denture-friendly gum? If possible, it’s usually best to find a soft product, especially if you’re first starting out. Chew your soft gum slowly, distributing it evenly across the mouth to prevent wearing out or straining a particular section of the prosthesis. Starting with a slow and even approach can help you ease into gum chewing.

Keep the Sugar to a Minimum

If you have partial dentures, you’ll want to find a product containing minimal sugar — ideally none. While your artificial teeth cannot sustain cavities, your natural teeth still can — especially those sitting adjacent to your partial dentures. Freedent is a low-sugar option, containing only two grams of sugar per stick. Oral7® Chewing Gum is a sugar-free formulation built to motivate saliva production and protect against plaque and other nasties.

Removing Chewing Gum From Dentures

Despite your best efforts, you find yourself in a sticky situation — what to do from here? We can tell you what not to do, and that’s applying heat of any kind. As a seasoned denture wearer would know, immersing the appliance in boiling water is a red-hot no-no. Because the prosthesis is delicate and vulnerable to heat distortion, you should keep your hair dryer pointed away from your dentures, even at its lowest setting.

So, how do you remove chewing gum from your dentures? The best method is to remove as much as you can by hand before leaving it to soak in warm — NOT hot — vinegar, which can help dissolve any residue.

For a Better Chewing Experience

However well your dentures can handle chewing gum, they can always use a little extra help. For a better chewing experience, why not apply some dental adhesive? Available as a cream, powder, pad or strip, dental adhesive creates a thin layer between the gums and denture base to enhance the seal and reduce movement. Whether you’re talking, eating or chewing gum, dental adhesive can prove itself to be a great stabilising presence and excellent for that extra peace of mind. 

For All Other Concerns…

Still concerned about chewing gum with dentures in? Or do you have a different denture-related enquiry entirely? Whatever’s going on, send us your enquiry online, and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can also call Direct Denture Care directly on (08) 9440 1540.


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