Emergency Denture Repairs

Emergency – Same Day Denture Repair

Same day dentures, also referred to as one-day dentures are partial or complete dentures that are required to be repaired. You might have a denture that’s broken, cracked, tooth fallen off, lost tooth or the dog has gotten hold of it etc. We have a model prepared, repaired or a tooth added, cured, brushed, polished and put back into the mouth on the same day.

If you have an emergency? A same day denture repair will be your only visit you’ll need in order to have your denture repaired. You’ll essentially walk out of the Dental Prosthetists office with your new repaired denture(s) in the mouth.

The Dental Prosthetist usually has an onsite laboratory that’s fully equipped for repairing dentures on the day of your visit, as you wait.

Same day denture repair involves assessing the condition of the current denture, taking the wearer’s measurements and then repairing the denture, curing it, brush it and polish it, then inserting the prosthetic teeth back into your mouth within a couple of hours.

As an experienced Dental Prosthetist, it takes only about one hour to repair a denture. Nonetheless your Dental Prosthetist will advise you on exactly how long the work will take after assessing the extent of the damage on your denture. More serious damage may take slightly longer time to repair.

What does the repair process involve?

Same day denture repair involves making a mould of your damaged denture, adding strengtheners to it to repair it, adding prosthetic teeth and then curing the denture. Your Dental Prosthetist will decide on any of these after assessing the damage to see what’s required.

Dental technicians are often on hand to help with areas that need their input such as in cases where your dentures are broken. The Denture Prosthetist will fix the broken dentures in the dental lab while you wait – you will be offered a drink of water to keep you refreshed during the process.


Emergency Same Day Denture Repair Denture Clinic PerthIn most cases, same day denture repair service requires that you book an appointment with your Dental Prosthetist. Patients who simply walk in without an appointment might have to wait while those with appointments are served first. So to be sure that your Dental Prosthetist sees you immediately as you walk into the denture surgery, be sure to book the required appointment before the visit.


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