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    New Cosmetic Dentures

    If you have lost your natural teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease or injury, you may require dentures. Dentures are generally made from lifelike resin teeth bonded to a plastic base. A denture can be custom-made to match your natural.

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    Custom Made Mouthguards

    If you play contact sport it’s vital that you protect your teeth and jaw from injury. At Direct Denture Care, our qualified dental technicians can custom design a mouthguard to fit your mouth perfectly.

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    Denture Repairs

    At Direct Denture Care we understand that you don’t want to go without your teeth for any great length of time, that’s why we do emergency denture repairs while you wait. A repair to a denture may include a..

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    The shape of our mouths is constantly changing, that’s why from time to time you will need to have your dentures relined. On average, dentures need to be checked every two years to ensure a correct fit and it is suggested that a denture is re-lined.

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    Immediate Dentures

    An immediate denture is a complete denture or partial denture. This is where a denture is made before you get the teeth extracted. The dentist extracts the teeth and immediately inserts the new denture into your mouth so

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    Implant Overdentures

    An implant overdenture is a type of denture that is attached to implants for enhanced support and stability. A regular denture normally rests on the gums without any support by implants. Traditionally, regular dentures made to fit the upper jaws are sufficiently stable on their own. They do not usually need any additional support to […]

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    Emergency Denture Repair

    Emergency – Same Day Denture Repair Same day dentures, also referred to as one-day dentures are partial or complete dentures that are required to be repaired.  You might have a denture that’s broken, cracked, tooth fallen off, lost tooth or the dog has gotten hold of it etc.  We have a model prepared, repaired or […]

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    Full Dentures

    If for any reason you lose all or most of your teeth, full dentures may be a viable tooth replacement option for you. Full dentures are prosthetic teeth designed to fit in the socket within your mouth to help with routine lifestyle activities including chewing/ eating and talking. Normally the loss of teeth tends to […]

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    Partial Dentures

    Factors such as disease and physical accidents may cause you to lose some of your teeth. When that happens, one major teeth replacement option you may want to consider is partial dentures. As the name suggests, partial dentures are made to replace some missing teeth in either or both the upper and lower jaw. People […]



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