Implant Overdentures

An implant overdenture is a type of Full Denture that is attached to implants for enhanced support and stability.

What are overdentures?

These are a newer alternative to regular Partial Dentures, which combine the conventional denture technology with new improvements in dental implants.

Two attachments are implanted to the front part of the lower jaw. An overdenture is then able to securely sit in place, instantly increasing stability, its retention and most importantly comfort.

An implant overdenture is generally used when a person does not have any tooth in the jaw but has enough jaw bone to support the implants. Implant overdentures have special attachments that snap onto corresponding attachments on the implants.

You might prefer to have a fixed implant over-denture in your mouth. In such a case, be sure to seek your Dental Prosthetist’s recommendation which will be based on consideration of your specific needs and preferences before settling on either a fixed or removable option.

Even though implant-supported overdentures are by tradition made for the lower jaw because normal dentures tend to be less stable there, you can have an implant overdenture in either of the jaws – upper or lower.

Care for implant overdentures

Implant overdentures Denture Clinic PerthJust as with regular dentures, implant overdentures require regular cleaning. You should remove your implant overdenture daily to clean it as well as to massage and clean the gum area. You should avoid wearing the overdenture while sleeping at night.

Overall, an overdenture tends to provide the most effective, long-lasting and satisfying alternative as far as full dentures for the lower jaw are concerned. When considering a complete denture for your lower jaw, be sure to discuss an implant overdenture option with your dental professional.

At Direct Denture Care, we offer Implant Overdentures. Contact us for a free quote or to make an appointment for more information.


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