Denture Repairs

At Direct Denture Care we understand that you don’t want to go without your teeth for any great length of time, that’s why we do emergency denture repairs while you wait.

A repair to a denture may include a lost or chipped tooth in the denture, a clasp or tooth addition, broken clasp, a break in the denture or a fracture etc.

Our dental technicians will:

  • Soak and scrub your dentures
  • Prepare the broken surface
  • Pour fresh acrylic into the join
  • Cure the denture
  • Then finish your dentures with a trim and polish, ready to wear!

Contact us for a consultation we have branches in Balcatta WA and Hillarys WA or just drop in, we do Emergency Denture Repairs

denture-repairs-and-cleaningNo matter how good you are at taking care of your dentures, there are some inevitable factors that can lead to denture adjustment or replacement and even denture repairs. These factors can include the changes that can take effect in your mouth, jawbones and gums. When this happens, you will need an expert to do the necessary repairs. Never carry out repairs all by yourself as this can damage your dentures more or worse still, it can harm your mouth and teeth.

Certainly, there are various denture repair kits available on the market. However these are often ineffective and a waste of money, causing more damage to your dentures. To be able to have proper denture repairs, you need the help of the professionals. At Direct Denture Care, we have licensed dental prosthetists and qualified dental technicians who specialise in various denture care services including denture repairs at very reasonable rates. We even provide emergency denture repair services because we understand your dentures can get damaged at any time and getting them fixed quickly matters to you a lot.

Tips for Common Denture Repairs

Gone are the days when dentures are only popular among grandparents. Today, dentures or false teeth are also common among younger people. They can help enhance poor dental appearance and boost self-esteem. And with the recent innovations in dental technology, they are now designed to be more natural-looking and comfortable. However, acquiring dentures requires great responsibility. You need to take good care of them to avoid costly denture repairs.

But no matter how well you look after your dentures, there are still several reasons why they can get damaged or break. Unintentional dropping is one of the common causes of breakage. On the other hand, changes in your mouth over time can also create damage to your dentures. Your jawbone’s shape and size changes as time go by. This can weaken or damage your dentures as they can no longer fit properly in your mouth. Despite these, there are various ways you can prolong the life of your dentures and save money from expensive denture repairs.

Don’t Wear Dentures during Bedtime

Dentures are designed to be mobile. This means you can remove them easily if you wish to. However, for the first few days after they are fitted, you are allowed to sleep with your dentures. After this specified period, be sure to remove your denture before bedtime. Instead, soak them in a denture cleaner overnight. This is in order to avoid the build-up of moisture which promotes ill-fitting dentures.

Handle Dentures with Extra Care

Always keep in mind that your dentures are very fragile and delicate. So you have to treat them like an expensive ornament. When inserting or removing your dentures, make sure to do it cautiously over a sink filled with water. This way, your dentures won’t break if they accidentally slip from your hands.

Observe Proper Dental Hygiene and Diet

Even if you are wearing a full denture, you have to treat them like your real teeth. Clean them using the required denture cleaner. Never use ordinary toothpaste when cleaning them as it is very abrasive. Use a specialised brush for denture cleaning or a soft-bristled brush when cleaning or brushing them. This can help in lessening the need for denture repairs in the future. Most importantly, you have to ensure your mouth is clean before inserting your dentures. Brush your tongue, palate and gums using a soft-bristled brush.

If you only wear a partial denture, make sure to remove it before you brush your natural teeth. Clean thoroughly the teeth that fit under your denture’s metal clasps to prevent the risk of tooth decay. Make a habit of cleaning and massaging your gums on a regular basis. Clean your gums daily by rinsing your mouth with lukewarm salt water. Additionally, in order to maintain a healthy mouth, eat a balanced diet and observe proper nutrition.

Speak gently

Getting dentures may affect the way you speak in the first few days. But when you get the hang of it, it will be easy for you to speak certain words properly again. You have to be very patient and practice saying aloud and slowly challenging words. Take note that your dentures may move around when you smile or laugh. Just bite them down gently and swallow to get them back in the right place. If you experience this, you have to see your Dental Prosthetist for him/her to make the proper adjustment. Don’t ever try to make the adjustment yourself.

These are just some of the best practices you can do to maintain the effectiveness of your dentures and avoid unnecessary denture repairs. If you follow these easy-to-do tips, you will have dentures that can last for several years before its ample time for a replacement. Observing these practices can also prevent you from getting mouth infections linked to dentures such as cheilitis and stomatitis.


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