Teeth Impression Kit
  • If you are prone to gagging when an impression is taken of your mouth for dentures or a mouthguard, then an impression kit will be for you.
  • If you are stuck at home, at a nursing home, or find it difficult to move around, then use an impression kit.
  • If you are located in the country where there is no dental prosthetist or prosthetist around, then an impression kit is for you.
  • If you do not like other people looking down your mouth, then look at a Teeth
    Impression Kit.


There is some putty located inside the kit, some white and blue. Mix the two together and when it is a light blue colour with no streaks, then put the putty inside the impression tray.

Hold the tray ready to put into your mouth. Put it in and be mindful to take an impression of your mouth. Do not double dip. (An extra white and blue putty is available should you do it incorrectly.)

Bite down and push the putty into your teeth and gums, make sure your lip is over the front of the impression tray.

Hold still for 30 seconds and then carefully take the impression out of your mouth. Wait a further 3 minutes for the impression material to harden.

When the putty has hardened, place in the plastic bag provided and seal it. Put the plastic bag with your impression into the bubble wrap and then place in the box provided. (Make sure that the clear, plastic insert that came with the putty and the impression tray has been taken out of the box so that the impression of your mouth can go into the box.)

Close the box and send back to us in the return envelope.


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