How Much Are False Teeth?

False teeth, also known as dentures, are prosthetics made to replace missing teeth complete with the natural feel of real teeth. Missing teeth, whether through decay, damage or injuries, can cause facial muscles to drop, hence making one look older. Dentures offer support to these muscles and make you look youthful, along with providing you with all the benefits of natural teeth. A set of false teeth can be a game changer, but how much do they cost, are prices variable, and can you justify the expense?

How Much Are Dentures?

False teeth costs generally vary between $2,200—$4,500 for conventional dentures, however, this price range depends on multiple factors. Complete dentures that replace all teeth cost more than partial dentures, which only replace a few teeth, or either the upper or lower jaw. In this case, complete dentures cost approximately $4,000, whereas a partial set, for either the upper or lower jaw, would cost around $2,200.

The quality of the dentures you are getting plays a pivotal role in determining price as well. Dentures nowadays can be made from a variety of materials, like acrylic, porcelain or metal, depending on your need and how much you are willing to spend. While acrylic is the more common material used, metal dentures are smaller, lighter and easier to adjust to but also come at a higher price.

Getting immediate dentures which can be available to you on the same day can also be a more expensive choice than a pair of conventional dentures which are custom-built for the shape of your mouth. Immediate dentures are only temporary, so the cost-to-benefit must be gauged. No matter which false teeth option you choose, you generally get what you pay for, so it is important to do your research and know what your exact requirement are.

Are False Teeth Good?

False teeth provide one of the most effective methods for replacing missing teeth in a way that feels extremely natural. Dentures are long -lasting, and, if taken care of properly, can last for up to 10 years. They are easy to remove and clean, unless you get the permanent kind, hence making them convenient to maintain and take care of. As mentioned earlier, false teeth also support your facial muscles, hence reducing any wrinkling or sagging, and making one look and feel young.

Alternatives to False Teeth

While false teeth are a common option to replace missing teeth and restore your smile, they aren’t the only option available. One of the most popular alternatives to dentures are dental implants, which involve placing a metal post or artificial tooth root where the tooth is missing. While they cost a little more initially, implants are extremely durable and have a staggeringly high success rate.

A dental bridge can also be used to fill a gap created due to one or more missing teeth. It is a prosthetic device that is mounted onto existing teeth. This is a more affordable option, but it isn’t as durable as dentures or implants, and can place stress on surrounding teeth.

Another alternative is veneers, which are used to improve the appearance of a broken, chipped or discoloured tooth, and not necessarily replace it. While veneers are cheaper and easier to install, dentures are much longer lasting, and less prone to damage.

Get the Most Out of Your False Teeth

Getting false teeth is a sizable investment, and one should only expect the returns to match said investment. While they are a durable option to help restore your million-dollar smile, you do need to take good care of them. This involves removing them at night to clean them and avoid any bacterial build-up, while also allowing your gums to rest. Avoiding staining foods, drinks and other items, like tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes, will go a long way in maintaining the look of your dentures. One should also pay a visit to their dentist or prosthetist at least once a year for a thorough cleaning of the dentures, which cannot be achieved at home. This is also a time check for any potential issues with your dentures and existing teeth.

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