Why Do Dentures Need to Be Relined?

If you own a pair of dentures, you’re sure to have come across the term ‘denture relining’ at least once. But what exactly is a denture reline? A denture reline is a simple procedure which involves reshaping a denture so that it fits more comfortably on an individual’s gums.

But why is this process necessary you ask? Believe it or not, no matter how perfect your oral hygiene routine may be, the shape of your mouth will inevitably change over time. This may cause gaps and bumps to develop on your dentures which makes it fit uncomfortably on the gums. In order to rectify this condition, denture adjustments and relining will help ensure that your dentures fit snugly in your mouth and eliminate any discomfort. Furthermore, a denture reline will reduce the risk of your dentures breaking or cracking from heavy chewing.

What Is Involved in Relining Dentures?

Though it sounds a bit complicated, denture relining is a quick and stress-free procedure. It involves applying a thin layer of permanent resin coating on the fitting surface or base of the denture which will seal off any gaps. At Direct Denture Care, our professionals will either use cold-cured acrylic and tissue conditioner or self-cured acrylic depending on your circumstances and needs.

An upper denture reline usually provides more suction, which reduces the possibility of your dentures rocking. A lower denture reline can offer more stability and make it less likely for food to get trapped under the denture.

The type of reline you require will vary depending on your individual oral conditions. The different types of relines include a soft reline, a hard reline, and a temporary reline.

Soft Relining

Soft relining resin is composed of silicone and creates a softer, more comfortable base for dentures. The soft base reduces the possibility of irritation and sores that may develop in the future, which makes it a better choice for those with thin or sensitive gums or for older patients who have a higher possibility for recession of the gums and other mouth tissues. However, this material is slightly less durable which may mean that you’ll need to make more frequent relining visits.

Hard Relining

Hard relining resin is long-lasting and made from acrylic that is close in composition to that of your original dentures. This sort of relining is very durable and reduces the amount of times you may need to revisit your dentist.

Temporary Relining

A temporary reline procedure is great for when you require a quick fix, but as the name suggests, these relines are not heat cured since they are merely temporary. As a result, they can last for a duration of two weeks or so.

How Often Should Dentures Be Relined?

Relining your dentures is a periodic necessity as dentures tend to lose their grip in your mouth over time. Whether they are hard or soft, denture relines can usually last for up to two years. After that, it is vital that you consider getting a reline done in order to reduce discomfort and chances of infection.

Signs That Your Dentures Need Relining

It goes without saying that denture relining is a must, but how will you know when to get it done? Most times, people with dentures choose to wait it out until it really starts to hurt, which is not really a wise choice. In fact, leaving it to sit will increase the chances of more serious oral problems developing in future which is why you need to watch out for these signs that may suggest it’s time for you to get your dentures relined:

  • You find that food increasingly becomes stuck in the gaps between your denture base and your gums or palate.
  • You have been experiencing prolonged bouts of discomfort, sores, and infections in your mouth and along the tissues of your gums.
  • You start feeling that your dentures are a bit loose and keep moving about or ‘rocking’ in your mouth when you do the simplest of activities, including laughing, speaking or chewing your food.
  • If it’s been at least two years since your last denture reline.

How Direct Denture Care Can Help

Most times, relining may not be completed in a single sitting. However, here at Direct Denture Care, we are equipped to offer you a same day reline service.
Our professionals possess both the expertise and the experience which guarantees that we provide all our patients with only the highest quality of personalised service. We are here to help, so choose Direct Denture Care for all your denture adjustments and relining needs. Book an appointment with us today!


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