6 Ways to Ensure a Natural-Looking Smile With Your New Dentures

Are you worried about what your dentures might look like? Changing your appearance is always nerve-wracking, but good-quality dentures are designed to appear as natural as real teeth. As long as you choose high-quality dentures and take good care of them, your false teeth should maintain their natural appearance for quite some time. Here’s what you can do to all-but-guarantee that your affordable dentures look natural for years to come.

Are Dentures Worth It?

If you have missing or damaged teeth, dentures are an effective and affordable solution. They can restore your speech and ability to eat a variety of foods, while also enhancing your face and smile. This is because they support your facial muscles, preventing the sagging and sinking that can happen with missing teeth. Plus, with proper care and maintenance, your dentures or false teeth can last for many years, acting as a reliable and durable solution for any missing teeth.

While the adjustment period can take some time, your improved self-confidence and oral health make them a valuable investment.

How Can You Ensure Your Dentures Look Natural?

1. Pay Attention to Fit & Comfort

Ensuring that your dentures are comfortable and well-fitting is crucial for achieving that natural look. If they’re too loose or too tight, they can alter the natural contours of your mouth. This can change the way that you speak and smile. Subtle differences like this can register to people as odd, even if they can’t put their finger on what exactly has changed.

Similarly, ill-fitting dentures can also cause discomfort and pain, leading to problems when eating and speaking. Natural teeth rarely cause these issues, so this is another giveaway that your dentures aren’t fooling anyone.

2. Try to Match Texture & Colour

While getting dentures can be an opportunity to have the perfectly white, shiny teeth you’ve always wanted, it’s important to recognise that perfect teeth don’t always look best. For instance, the texture of your denture teeth should really match the texture of your natural teeth, with a translucency that reflects light in the same way that natural teeth tend to do. Otherwise, denture teeth that are too shiny or opaque can look artificial. At the same time, the colour of your dentures should also match your natural teeth’s shade. Denture teeth that are too white or too yellow can look fake and unnatural. While we’re talking about colour and texture, don’t forget to take the gum tissue surrounding your teeth into account too.

A skilled dentist or prosthodontist can customise the texture and colour of your dentures to ensure a natural look that complements your existing natural teeth and gums. This makes a huge difference in making your dentures appear natural.

3. Weigh Up the Pros & Cons of Different Materials

The material of your dentures also plays a significant role in determining how natural they look. The most commonly used materials are porcelain and acrylic, or even a combination of the two. Porcelain is often considered the most natural looking since it reflects light like natural teeth and has a translucent appearance. However, porcelain can be more delicate and need additional care. On the other hand, acrylic dentures are certainly more durable, but they may not look as natural as porcelain. That’s why combining the two can give you the best of both worlds: the durability of acrylic with the natural look of porcelain.

In general, your choice of material depends on various factors like your preference, budget, and the condition of your gums and jawbone. Ultimately, you want to choose a material that feels comfortable to help achieve that natural look and feel.

4. Keep on Top of Cleanliness & Maintenance

If you want natural-looking dentures, you need to do the work. Not cleaning your dentures regularly can cause discoloration and plaque buildup, not to mention bad breath. Additionally, poor maintenance can cause your dentures to become loose or damaged. As a result, they’ll look and feel unnatural. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean and schedule adjustments to keep your dentures looking natural and working for many years to come.

When cleaning your dentures, use a non-abrasive cleaner and brush daily to remove plaque and food particles. This keeps them looking fresh, as well as maintaining good oral health. Then, be sure to regularly check in with your dentist or prosthetist to check that your dentures continue to fit correctly and function like they should.

5. Take the Time to Practise With Your Dentures

When you first start wearing dentures, don’t worry if they feel uncomfortable or awkward. With practice, you’ll find it easy to speak, eat and smile just as you did with your natural teeth. This will go a long way to making your dentures look natural. You’ll also feel more confident wearing them, helping them seem even more like your natural teeth.

At the same time, remember to practise good denture habits, like proper oral hygiene, and avoiding hard or sticky foods that can damage the dentures. Additionally, if you notice that discomfort or issues just aren’t going away with practice, you may need to get your dentures adjusted. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your prosthetist to make this happen. Remember, comfortable dentures look the most natural.

6. Consider the Skill of Your Prosthetist

A skilled and experienced prosthetist can assess your facial structure and skin tone, while also taking into account your individual preferences, to create dentures that look and feel like your natural teeth. To do this, they will take precise measurements and use high-quality materials to ensure a proper fit and natural appearance. Doing so helps them ensure that they are restoring any lost facial volume from the missing teeth. Therefore, choosing a skilled and qualified prosthetist is crucial for achieving a natural-looking set of dentures that complement your face and seem natural.

Not Happy With Your Dentures?

If your dentures don’t look natural, it’s essential to talk to your prosthetist about the issue. Your prosthetist can examine the dentures and make necessary repairs, adjustments and relines to improve the fit and appearance. Denture repairs may involve reshaping the denture base or adjusting the positioning of the denture teeth. Relines may be necessary if the dentures no longer fit properly due to changes in the jawbone or gum tissue. In some cases, the prosthetist may recommend replacing the dentures entirely if they are severely worn or damaged. It’s important to communicate your concerns and preferences to your prosthetist to achieve the best possible results. Regular visits to the prosthetist for check-ups and maintenance can also help to ensure that the dentures remain in good condition and continue to look natural.

Don’t Settle for Dud Dentures

If you’re determined to get natural-looking dentures, choose professionals you can rely on. The team at Direct Denture Care specialises in prosthodontics, which is the field of dentistry that focuses on restoring missing teeth and jaw structures. We have substantial experience and expertise in this area, as well as the ability to offer personalised care throughout the denture-fitting process. We take the time to understand your individual needs and preferences, and offer a comfortable and welcoming environment for all our patients. If you require full dentures and live in Perth, Direct Denture Care is the place for you. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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