Vital Reason Why You Should Not Sleep in Dentures

Dentures are an incredible dental solution for having strong and healthy teeth.

These are well-regarded as one of the top options for patients with missing, decaying, or aging teeth. This solution provides stability, consistency, and overall value that’s impossible to ignore.

However, it’s important to note one of the primary requirements of wearing dentures. It’s essential not to sleep with them due to the damage they can cause during the night. This read will take a look at some of the primary reasons to avoid putting dentures on at night and why it is best to leave them for the daytime.


Reason #1: Sore Gums

In general, dentures are going to put excessive pressure on the gums.

Since they are going to be sitting against the gums, the pressure is going to be consistent. This is okay for the daytime but can become prolonged as they’re kept on during the night or when you go to sleep. Specialists recommend taking them out before going to sleep, washing them, and making sure they are set aside for the morning.

If they are kept inside, the wear and tear on your gums will add up in a hurry.

Most patients will start to notice a change in how their gums feel after a few days and this is going to cause ongoing pain. The soreness will make it hard to bite with the dentures on.


Reason #2: Increased Risk of Pneumonia

Studies have shown patients who wear these while sleeping increase their risk of acquiring pneumonia.

How does this occur?

It has to do with the bacteria breathed in during the day. It will start to sit on the dentures and start to break down over time. It is a real concern for the elderly who have a weaker immune system.

This form of pneumonia goes by the name “aspiration pneumonia” and can have a profound impact on one’s health. For this reason, it becomes essential to take out the dentures on a nightly basis and rinse them thoroughly. Anything less and you are increasing the chances of having to deal with this medical condition.


Reason #3: Increased Risk of Denture-Related Stomatitis

A basic description of denture-related stomatitis would be mild redness and inflammation of the mucous membrane. This lies under the dentures during the day and can be heavily exposed to candida (yeast).

As time goes on, this starts to cause discomfort and will expand.

Most patients will notice this issue if they continue to wear them during the night. It is highly recommended to avoid this by taking them off and keeping them clean so candida species don’t evolve on the mucous membrane.

The same applies to those who don’t have an upper set and may be exposing themselves to candida species too.


Reason #4: Accelerated Bone Loss

For individuals who are prone to bone loss, this is not going to help their case because of the pressure being put on their jaw.

The ridges of one’s bones will start to get impacted by the pressure and that is when the bone loss will amplify. It is best to keep the pressure away by letting the bone refresh and come out into the open for a bit.

It might seem like an unnecessary requirement but it has been revealed as a major concern in patients. In general, most patients will notice a sudden increase in soreness along the gums and this will continue until the bone starts to give out. As the bone starts to decay due to pressure, it is going to lead to ongoing pain that is difficult to manage on a day-to-day basis. It is smarter to take off the dentures and make sure the bones can relieve themselves.


Reason #5: Increases Pressure on Denture-Bearing Tissue

Similar to the idea of bone loss, the same applies to tissue in the area.

If the tissue is constantly being pressed and rubbed against, it is going to break down just like it would in any other part of the body. Continuous pressure is not going to let it breathe and that is a major troublemaker for the human body.

To allow for the tissues to breathe and remain healthy, it is essential to take off the dentures during the nighttime before going to bed. This is going to give the body enough time to regenerate or refresh before the piece is put back in again.

If the pressure is continuous, it is only going to take so much before the pain or soreness is going to set in. This pain or soreness is going to be challenging to manage and is not going to be easy for those who have to deal with it.


Reasons #6: Prevents Proper Oral Hygiene

Another reason has to do with proper oral hygiene.

The bacteria will settle in on the dentures and that is not a positive at all. In fact, once the bacteria starts to settle in, it is going to do continuous damage in a multitude of ways. For example, it is going to lead to stomatitis, pain, soreness, and bad breath to go along with numerous other realities.

Dentists highly recommended taking the dentures off before going to bed for this reason alone. It is not going to enable one to have fresh gums and will make it difficult to stay healthy. Instead, it is going to be allowed to flourish to the point it will become impossible to wear the dentures during the day too!

Implementing this change is of utmost importance and there is no other viable solution for those who want healthy teeth and want to stay safe. Numerous studies have been done on this and each one has come back with the same results.


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