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Partial Dentures


If you still retain most of your natural teeth and are looking to replace a few missing teeth, partial dentures are the best solution for you. Such a denture is supported by your gums and natural teeth and is removable. The denture is held in place with a clasp or a special retainer to keep it secure in your mouth. There are many benefits of partial dentures, but you should choose the right denture clinic to get the maximum benefits of partial dentures.

That is where Direct Denture Care comes in handy. Their licensed denture prosthetists and qualified denture technicians specialise in high-quality and long-lasting partial dentures. Here is why you need to choose Direct Denture Care for your partial denture requirements.


Oral diseases and physical accidents can knock out one or more teeth from your mouth.

Missing teeth will affect your self-esteem and disfigure the face over time. That is why you need to attend to such an issue without delay. A partial denture is the best option when replacing a few missing teeth. It can improve the person’s smile and facial appearance – which will have a positive effect on one’s self-esteem. In fact, missing teeth can affect the job prospects of the patient.

It may result in the individual not getting the desired job or not getting the desired promotions as a result of low self-esteem issues. That is why partial dentures are so important when you have a few missing teeth. Direct Denture Care is one of the best cosmetic denture manufacturers in the region. That is why you need to choose them for all your partial denture needs.


A partial denture comes in two parts 

The gum-coloured part and the prosthetic teeth that replace the missing teeth. The gum-coloured part will blend into the natural gum of the patient. Partial dentures improve the aesthetics, chewing ability, and support an opposing full denture. You may have different needs and deciding on what is best for you won’t be easy.

That is where a reputable denture clinic such as Direct Denture Care comes in handy. Their specialist team will sit down and talk to you in depth before deciding on what is best for you. They will carefully listen to your needs and difficulties before guiding you through the entire process. That is why you need to visit them for all your partial or full denture requirements.


Partial dentures come in different materials. Some of these materials include:

Acrylic – The replacement teeth are bonded to an acrylic base in these dentures. The dentures are held together using clasps.

Flexible – The flexible base material doesn’t require clasps to hold them together. They are quite comfortable to wear and almost undetectable. This type of partial denture is ideal when you need to replace one or two teeth.

Metal – They are the smallest partial dentures available today. They are more stable, strong, and ideal to support the remaining teeth. They are also more comfortable.
Direct Denture Care offers a wide range of cosmetic denture treatments other than partial dentures. They are a clinic that cares and genuinely understand the patient’s needs. They are 100% Australian and affordable compared to other denture clinics. Some of the other denture services offered by Direct Denture Care are:


New Cosmetic Dentures

If you have lost your natural teeth due to whatever reason, you may need dentures. Dentures are available as full and partial. Direct Denture Care caters to all your denture requirements.


Custom Made Mouthguards

A mouthguard is essential to protect your teeth if you play contact sports. The qualified technicians in Direct Denture Care will design a custom fit mouthguard for you.


Denture Repairs

Direct Denture Care understands that you don’t want to wait for long without your dentures. That is why they perform emergency denture repairs.
Direct Denture Care is a leading cosmetic denture clinic in Perth. They offer a wide range of cosmetic denture services including partial dentures. Did we mention we also do relines? Contact us today!


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