How To Properly Whiten Dentures

While strong healthy teeth provide optimal function, clean white teeth are truly attractive and what most people want when seeking dental care. Those with dentures may notice that these dental appliances, much like natural teeth, can become discoloured and stained. This may lead them to find the best solution to whiten dentures.

The dentures being used are carefully-crafted custom mouthpieces and while they are strong in their purpose, they can be damaged if not treated with care and experience. The following article will cover the topic of discoloured dentures and illustrate the best practices in restoring them to their original white.


Why Do Teeth and Dentures Become Discolored?


Your dentures are designed to replicate an actual tooth and they can do so with remarkable precision. Much like your actual teeth, your dentures will become discoloured through contact with certain substances. The quality of the materials has a big role to play in how fast the stains will affect your dentures.

Tea & Coffee: Teas and coffees are the mind-boosting potions on which our scientific society depends, but they are also the biggest cause for discoloured teeth. Because these drinks are enjoyed frequently the residues they leave behind accumulate and can be difficult to remove. The best way to avoid these stains is by rinsing the mouth with clean water after drinking tea or coffee.

Red wine: Much like coffee and tea, the dark hues of red wine can become affixed to the teeth and dentures and even more so if the mouth is a host to tartar and dental plaque. Keeping the mouth clean through regular brushings and rinsing is the best way to avoid these embarrassing stains.

Smoking: Nicotine is another dental foe that can latch on to the denture and prove very difficult to remove.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Whiten Dentures Yourself

As mentioned, the dentures you use to eat, speak and smile have been carefully crafted to the precise dimensions of your mouth. They must also support a tremendous amount of pressure from the jaws and attrition from the foods you eat. Maintaining an impeccable structural integrity is essential for the longevity of the appliance and can be hampered through DIY whitening.

Risk of Breaking

Innumerable dentures have been damaged when their owners were trying to clean them with objects in their sewing kit, tool kit or medicine cabinet. Despite their tough appearance, your dentures can become chipped or broken by any amount of impact from a hard surface and this makes cleaning the dentures yourself a bad idea. Even the smallest amount of damage to the appliance will eventually lead to greater issues.

Chemical Damage

Different dentures are made of different materials and have different finishing coats that protect the denture. Without this protective surface in prime condition, the denture can be subjected to further damage and discolouration. Only an extensive knowledge of which chemicals can be used to whiten the denture and how they must be applied can provide a suitable solution.

Denture scratching

The dentures surface can withstand the rough and tumble of chewing all types of foods, but contact with improper tools can seriously damage their surface and require costly repairs to set right. It is common for individuals to grab an abrasive tool with which they attack the stains and discolouration on their teeth. This will lead to damage of the dentures and the affected units may need to be replaced.


The Professional Solution is the Best Solution

cleaning dentures

In order to preserve the longevity of your dentures, achieve an attractive smile and avoid costly repair work, the professional solution brings important advantages to this operation:

An Experienced Perspective

The denture is a pinnacle of medical genius and innovation that has been in development for centuries now. Each one is special and unique and requires very specific treatment to maintain in optimal conditions. Guesswork and an inexperienced approach will wreck these fine-tuned dental appliances.

An Array of Proper Tools

It is unlikely that you own the proper tools for approaching the task of denture whitening. As any intelligent tradesman could tell you, using the wrong tool for a precision task like this is a recipe for damage and disaster.

Get Professional Help to Whiten Dentures

If you have dentures that aren’t looking their best due to stains and discolouration, book an appointment with our denture whitening specialists. For all your solutions to a cleaner, whiter and healthier smile, contact Direct Denture Care today!